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Why such a quick deadline?

Why do I need to be juried?

How much contact informatin should I provide?  Love hate relationship with the internet...

Why limit the Directory to the St Louis region?

Can I get more copies of the directory?

Every artist that has a page will receive 5 free copies and art galleries will receive 20 free copies. Additional copies can be purchased at $3.00 each (+S&H) to cover the printing costs. The directories will have a $6.95 price printed on them which you can sell to your customers.

Are you planning on producing more directories?  I all depends on you and...

Why am I limited to only three photographs on my page?

Do art galleries need to be juried into the directory?

could we make a composite image of 4 artist's work into 1 image to comprise a page?

Adam is right, I don't want any composite photos, but it has nothing to do with making money. It is all about creating a quality directory and making every piece of artwork look like a "star" that stands on it's own. I want every artist's work to look so good their phone rings off the wall from potential buyers. If we start placing "composite" images on the pages the directory will turn into a cluttered mess. I don't want a directory full of tiny thumbnails that don't show off or sell art.

When it comes to designing THE ARTIST & GALLERY DIRECTORY I believe LESS IS MORE.

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Thank You, Garry