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Sample artist page

A mock-up of what your artist page may look like.

Website Exposure & Links included at no additional cost:

ARTIST & GALLERY DIRECTORY will be on the internet and each artist’s page will be displayed on our website at no additional cost. We will include links to the websites of all artists, art galleries and art organizations. A free PDF of the directory will be available for download by anyone visiting our website.

QR code will be included on your page and readers can access yourweb site on their smartphone of iPad. If you do not have a QR code, we can create one for you.

The ARTIST & GALLERY DIRECTORY is a bargain when compared to local media advertising fees in publications such as ST. LOUIS MAGAZINE, ST. LOUIS HOME, ST. LOUIS WHERE, RFT, and LADUE NEWS to name a few.  Your page will hve a longer viewing life and art lovers will share the information.

Deadline to Apply is Midnight September 28.

Got questions? Ask Garry McMichael:  E-MAIL • 314 773-4112